The Team

Dan Leavitt - Manager/Senior Commercial Estimator

Mr. Leavitt has been with the company for forty-five years. He was a gate fabricator for two years, crew foreman and gate operator technician for ten years and an estimator for thirty-three.

Mr. Leavitt has the experience of traditional fence techniques, but is up-to-date on the latest technology and industry innovations. He has extensive job experience with Nevada State highway projects, Clark County school district projects and the Army Corp of Engineer Flood Control projects. 

Mr. Leavitt has also worked on all perimeter security fence and gates for every State of Nevada Department of Corrections project.

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Dannie Leavitt - The Tiberti Fence Company

Position Available - Commercial Estimator


Cletis Andes - Commercial Superintendent

Mr. Andes formally trained as an ornamental horticulturalist, but found his niche with fencing.

He has been with The Tiberti Fence Company for twenty-eight years starting in the field as an installer, but his skills as a welder, equipment operator and all-around troubleshooter quickly moved him up the ranks and he now oversees onsite job operations and works closely with our project manager and estimators to keep things running smoothly.

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Cletis Andes - The Tiberti Fence Company

Scott Pence - Project Manager

Mr. Pence has been with Tiberti for twenty years. He started in the field as an installer and joined the estimating team approximately two years ago.

Mr. Pence specializes in commercial projects and is responsible for the day-to-day

management of the company's major jobs.

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Scott Pence - The Tiberti Fence Company

Dorian Vaughn - Light Commercial & Temporary Fence Division Manager

Mr. Vaughn attented the Ohio State University and Kent State University. He has been with the company since 1998 and became the Temporary Fence Division Manager in 2003 and added the Light Commercial Division to his duties in 2013.

Mr. Vaughn's experience includes estimating, inventory, payroll, scheduling and customer service.

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Dorian Vaughn - The Tiberti Fence Company

Stephan Jordan - Light Commercial Estimator

Mr. Jordan was introduced to the fence trade in Sacramento, CA and Tiberti was eager for him to join the team when he moved to Las Vegas in 2016.

He started as an installer, but was quickly promoted to Light Commercial Estimator where his customer service skills and outgoing personality give him an edge when meeting with customers in the field to discuss their needs.

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Stephan Jordan - The Tiberti Fence Company

Ismael Jimenez - Light Commercial Estimator

Mr. Jimenez is a strong example of Tiberti Fence’s commitment to helping their employees grow and their belief of promoting from within.

Originally from the San Fernando Valley in California, Mr. Jimenez started at Tiberti Fence in 2018 as a field helper. His work ethic and commitment to excellence helped him to advance to the position of Forman before eventually becoming part of the Light Commercial Estimating team.

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Ismael Jimenez - The Tiberti Fence Company

Christy Chmiel - Pahrump Branch Manager & Senior Estimator

Ms. Chmiel has been in Pahrump for over thirty years and with Tiberti for more than twenty. As the Branch Manager, she is responsible not only for the office but also estimating, the yard, inventory and crew.

Since taking over the Pahrump Office, Ms. Chmiel has more than doubled Pahrump's output efficiency.

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Christy Chmiel - The Tiberti Fence Company

Drew Nellen - Material Sales Manager

Mr. Nellen started working at Tiberti in 1996. He specializes in helping customers find solutions for their fence needs. 

He graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and served in the United States Air Force, retiring from the reserves in 2005.

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DREW - The Tiberti Fence Company

Rick Pearce - Procurement Manager

Mr. Pearce was hired in July 2019 as the company’s Procurement Manager.  

Mr. Pearce is responsible for organizing and maintaining our central facility for the purchase of all goods, services and contracts on a best price / best quality basis. Also ensuring the smooth supply of material, consumables and equipment to the company.

Mr. Pearce has worked in the procurement and management field in various roles since 2003. 

His expanded roles and responsibilities with Tiberti fence range from Commercial Contract Submittals, Social Media Marketing, Information Technology and assists to our Material Sales office.  Mr. Pearce served as the Director of operations and Sales and marketing fields since 1995

Rick Pearce - The Tiberti Fence Company

"The Strength of The Team is Each Individual Member.

The Strength of Each Member is The Team"
Phil Jackson, 
American Professional Basketball Executive